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Batter’s UP!

Batter’s UP!

I really wanted to do an athletic look because I love sports. I like to call myself an all around athlete πŸ˜‚. Most people that know me know I always say that I’m pretty good at everything just not bowling. Growing up the middle child my dad always wanted a boy so I basically was the biggest tom boy. I arm wrestled all my cousins and the boys in elementary. My fourth grade teacher actually would challenge the boys to race me and I always won, he even let me sit out the rest of class or act like the teacher for winning believe it or not. The track coach in middle school even pulled me out of seventh period and I got to skip class just so he could convince me to join track and bought me chicken nuggets and fries from McDonald’s so I agreed. Sports have always been huge in my life. And I’d like to do a shoot for every single so I can check baseball off the list after this shoot which was a blast.

Krissy the Pitcher

By ModelZines Inc. in Krissy Taylor Posters

2 pages, published 4/17/2017

Just imagine Krissy Taylor pitching you a fastball. Well now you can imagine it over and over again with this hot poster of her preparing for the pitch of your life. Get it now!

Baseball Booty

By ModelZines Inc. in Krissy Taylor Posters

2 pages, published 4/18/2017

Just imagine Krissy Taylor in the dugout! Get this poster and hang it and make your dreams come true!